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"Setting Our Sights on Your Vision"
The Exam
Here at ClearView Family Eyecare, our goal is to provide you and your family with the most thorough eye exam and the highest quality of products available. At many other eyecare providers, you may be lucky to spend 15 minutes with the doctor. Our doctors enjoy spending 45 minutes to an hour with each and every patient. We feel that the highest quality vision and eye health care cannot be rushed. First, our doctors will take the time to talk to you about any problems your are experiencing. They truly listen to what you have to say to ensure that you will receive the best possible care. After listening to your needs, they will perform a thorough vision assessment, where every component of your visual system will be evaluated. Next our doctors will perform a comprehensive eye health evaluation. This is to protect the future of your vision, or if needed, to determine the appropriate treatment for any discovered problems. And finally, our doctors will spend time educating you on all aspects of your vision as well as the preservation of eye health.